The Sealers Song


Chorus Diddly oh diddly…

Well me great-grandfather was a stowaway he sailed across a ragging sea

To an island they called the Newfoundland where he’d raise a family

He was a fisherman by trade sir and in the spring of every year

He’d have his birth and his gunny sack an be sealing off the Labrador

Now the work was hard and the days were long

And as the sweat poured down his brow

Between the oates he swore on the old man

You could hear him sing this song, he went


Now when the ship was bellied down loaded sir with seal

They’d point her nose towards St. John’s all for the merchants glee

And down in the crews quarters when their rashins had been ate

they’d lite a smoke and tell some jokes and listen to me grandpa sing, he went


Well if you had been lucky and God was on your side

You’d make enough credit to do you a short while

And when the hunt was over with his love ones by his side

He swore he’d never return again to the ice or to the swiles, he went


Now the times they have been changing there not like in the past

No more you’ll hear the skipper roar ready ropes and gaffs

When those ice cold winds are howling in the spring of every year

Well if you listen closely this is what you’ll hear

Chorus twice

Take her home