Order Devil & the Angel

Order Devil & the Angel



It’s been six year since Shawn Lidster’s has released an Album. “Devil & the Angel” is produced by award winning Australian Artist Shane Nicholson. The cover photo was taken at Neil Young’s Broken Arrow ranch in Redwood California.

As Rob Dickens from No Depression Magazine says “The Album covers say’s a lot.” Devil & The Angel is crammed with vibrant and colourful tales, the rolling ‘The Tailwind’, the tip-toe-ing of ‘Alive’ and the ambitious urgency of ‘Ned Kelly’ (Australia’s most famous bushranger) are but three highlights.

The gift of music has taken this Newfoundland, Canadian singer/songwriter on an up and down a voyage of some 17,000km to Australia. Along the way he has followed his heart taken the time to let the dreams spirits and ghosts of the song lines lead him on his journey to Devil & the Angel.








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3 thoughts on “Order Devil & the Angel

  1. I just listened to Devil and the Angel front to back without interruptions (pretty hard thing to do in our house) and I absolutely love it . Congratulations mate G.D 7/31/16

    Bravo my old friend you’ve done it again. The years have certainly seen you hone you’re already awesome skills to turn a phrase with a great melody. T.H 11/11/16

    Hei Shawn, just did a bit of a trek on the motorcycle this weekend, and before i left i bought your album, so i had it playing on high rotation!! Obviously i heard a few tracks at the stag in mayfield, but mate, its a fucking ripper of an album, five star brother G.W 11/13/16

    couldnt get devil and the angel out of the car cd player great tracks especially ned Kelly D.S Nov 18 2016

  2. Great Stuff

    Loved every song. ‘Mark on me’ has a very special place in my heart, Shawn. Cheers

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